Beauty Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Good

Beauty Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Good

3 Benefits Of Waterless Hand Wash

by Hailey Ellis

When most people imagine washing their hands, they think of rubbing them together with soap under a faucet with running water. While this may be the most common technique of cleaning your hands, waterless hand wash is another method that has a number of advantages. Keep reading below to discover just a few of the biggest benefits of using waterless hand wash to effectively disinfect your hands.

More Convenient

One of the major drawbacks of only using a sink and water to clean your hands is that you actually need to find one first. This can sometimes be frustratingly difficult when you are out in public for extended periods of time. On the other hand, waterless hand wash can easily be carried with you in a small container that fits in a pocket or purse and can be used at any time, no matter how far you are from a sink or water. For example, you can use it at a restaurant if a sink is unavailable and you are about to start a meal. When it comes to convenience, waterless hand wash is hard to beat. 

Reliably Germ Repellent

Another disadvantage of using a sink and water to wash your hands is that it doesn't always get rid of as many germs as you might assume. If soap is not available, or if you don't lather the soap properly and thoroughly, then you may leave the sink still having germs on your hands. Most waterless hand washes, however, are germ repellent. This means that the wash gets rid of virtually all bacteria as soon as it is applied. If you are worried about transmitting bacteria to another person — which is a major concern when colds and the flu are rampant — then you have all the more reason to pick up some waterless hand wash as soon as possible.


While you may not think of washing your hands as something that can improve your skin, waterless hand washes can do exactly that. In fact, many waterless hand washes are specifically designed to moisturize or hydrate your skin so that it doesn't dry out. In contrast, many popular hand soaps can easily irritate your skin if you are not careful. Aloe waterless hand wash is a great example of a product that can simultaneously reduce the bacteria count on your hands while still moisturizing and hydrating your skin.  

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