Beauty Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Good

Beauty Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Good

Reasons to Ask For Volume Lashes

by Hailey Ellis

Having eyelash extensions applied comes with a lot of benefits. You get the look of bold, lovely lashes without having to put on false lashes every morning. Many people also simply love just sitting in the chair and letting a stylist apply their lashes. It's a comforting form of self-care. One thing you'll want to think about before having lashes put on is what type of lashes you'll want. In many cases, asking for volume lashes can be a good idea. Here's why.

1. They call more attention to your eyes.

When you get volume lashes, your lash technician will apply more lashes than usual. Those lashes are generally thin and fluffy, but when applied in large numbers, they make your lashes look thick and lush. This calls a lot more attention to your eyes, which is the point of getting false lashes in the first place. Regular false lashes look nice, but they don't attract quite as much attention.

2. You won't have to apply mascara.

Applying mascara is a little annoying, right? It takes time to dry. Inevitably, it gets on your eyelids at some point. Then, you have to remove it! If you get regular false lashes, you might still find yourself wanting to apply mascara to enhance them from time to time. But if you get volume lashes, you know they're going to be so bold and dramatic that you don't need mascara. You won't have to worry about getting eye infections from mascara or waking up with black mascara streaks down your cheeks.

3. If you lose a few lashes, you'll still look nice.

Another nice thing about volume lashes is that you can often go a bit longer between lash application appointments. Since there are so many lashes, you can lose a couple of lashes and still look like you have a full set of false lashes. You won't look like your lashes are sparse a week or two after your appointment. Stylists often charge a little more for volume lashes than for regular ones. However, your overall costs are likely to be lower since you won't have to go in for fills as often. 

If you're thinking of getting eyelash extensions, then volume lashes can be a great choice. They can give you a full, dramatic look, eliminate the need for mascara, and allow you to go a bit longer between lash appointments. 


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Beauty Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Good

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