Beauty Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Good

Beauty Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Good

Brow Threading: Why Consider This Beauty Trend?

by Hailey Ellis

What is brow threading? Why get this type of work done on your face? How does brow threading benefit you? How much does brow threading cost? If you have concerns about what eyebrow threading is or want to know why this beauty trend is worth thinking about, use this guide to assist you. You can make an appointment for this procedure at your local full-service salon. Learn all about brow threading and why this trend is worth considering.

What is brow threading?

Brow threading is the cosmetic art of removing the unwanted eyebrow hairs from the brow line with as little interference to the skin as possible. Using a piece of cotton thread halved and then twisted, hairs are removed at the root to create a more even brow line that is less irritated because minimal damage is made to the skin surrounding the hair follicle.

Why get brow threading?

Shaping your brows is a great way to achieve the face-framing brows you desire. Since hairs are not plucked out one by one but rather removed in an intricate fashion, the results are more even and sharp than you may get with waxing or plucking. You can thread your brows in a way that allows you to remove small areas at once for touching up later.

If you are new to shaping your brows, brow threading is a great place to start because of the lack of irritation to the skin the procedure has. Less intimidating than other types of hair removal and with professional results so long as you have the work done by a trained brow specialist, you can enjoy your brow threading results for up to six weeks.

How does brow threading benefit you?

Brow threading benefits you by giving you trending brow results you desire that last for a few weeks to more than a month. You also get the benefit of having more comfortable brow removal compared to other common procedures, such as waxing, and since the hair is removed at the root, the stubble and growing back time is less noticeable as well.

How much does brow threading cost?

Brow threading is a cost-effective procedure to add to your beauty routine. You can get both brows treated in a single session for as little as $25. Costs vary and don't include tips, so speak to your salon specialists who offer this service to see what your investment in shaped brows will be in your area. 


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