Beauty Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Good

Beauty Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Good

Fighting Pain Naturally

by Hailey Ellis

The number of products available for topical pain relief seems almost endless. A quick visit to any pharmacy will reveal an almost overwhelming number of options, and even more specialty products are available from boutique retailers. With so many choices, it can be difficult to choose one that is best for your situation. Even worse, many over-the-counter pain treatments are loaded with drugs or other chemicals that you may not be comfortable using on a regular basis or at all. Luckily, there are natural alternatives that may work just as well for your particular situation.

When Are Topical Pain Relief Creams Useful?

Topical pain relief is great when you need localized, quick relief for pain. Unlike oral pain relievers, most topical forms of pain relief can be absorbed very quickly and will directly affect the area that they are applied to. Traditional forms of topical pain relief are used for everything from arthritis to bruises to sprains. Natural pain relief creams serve the same purpose, and they can be applied directly to a painful location for quick relief.

One major advantage to using topical creams is that their quick action allows you to easily judge their effectiveness. If a particular treatment isn't working, it is obvious fairly quickly. Likewise, treatments that are effective provide quick and obvious relief. The act of rubbing a topical treatment into a sore area is also a naturally soothing action that can provide some amount of relief on its own.

Using Comfrey for Pain Relief

One common form of natural, topical pain relief comes from the plant, comfrey. More specifically referred to as common comfrey, the scientific name for this plant is Symphytum officinale. Comfrey is used in a variety of topical pain relief products and it is an all-natural option for quick, localized relief. Comfrey is currently believed to be especially useful for back pain, sprains, and osteoarthritis. In each case, the comfrey cream should be used for several days for maximum effect. Not only will this reduce pain, but there is evidence that it can increase mobility and reduce stiffness as well.

Note, however, that the comfrey plant does contain certain natural toxins. For this reason, it is not recommended for use on broken skin or as an oral treatment. Used topically on unbroken skin, however, comfrey is viewed as very safe and generally effective. This makes it an excellent natural alternative to synthetic over-the-counter pain ointments. There are no known side effects when used appropriately, but it is not recommended to apply comfrey for periods of time beyond a few weeks.

Consider Chamomile as Another Natural Alternative

If comfrey doesn't seem right for you, then chamomile ointments are another natural alternative. Chamomile-based topical skin creams are used to treat eczema and psoriasis and they may also work as a natural anti-inflammatory. Chamomile is completely safe for use topically and presents no special risks or side effects. In fact, chamomile has been used in traditional folk medicine for millennia for a wide variety of ailments.

Always Check the Label

When selecting a natural, topical cream for pain, be sure to always check the label and read the ingredients carefully. Many products may use natural ingredients as their primary active ingredient but also include additional synthetic ingredients. If you are looking for an all-natural product, it is always a good idea to pay careful attention to the label to be sure you are buying the product that you want.

You can learn more about natural pain creams by contacting services such as Herb Nurse.


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