Beauty Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Good

Beauty Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Good

Staying Younger Longer: 3 Tips For Elongating The Effects Of Botox Treatments

by Hailey Ellis

Botox treatments are the magic fountain of youth. One injection can smooth out deep wrinkles, reduce fine lines and lift drooping facial features. The power of Botox has made it incredibly popular in the cosmetic industry, with an alarming 6,673,608 performed in 2014. The effects of Botox typically lasts four to six months; however, you can easily elongate the effects with these 3 simple tips.    

Avoid the Sun as Much as Possible

Keep away from the sun – especially during the day of your treatment – if you want your Botox treatments to last. Sunshine boosts blood circulation by dilating your blood vessels. This can cause the injected Botox to disperse faster than normal, and the effects to wear off quickly.

In addition, UV radiation from sunshine accounts for 80% of skin aging. By staying in the skin, you are deepening the wrinkles on your face through oxidative reactions. In short, it's counter-intuitive to what you are trying to achieve.

Keep Your Mind Off of the Wrinkles

Botox treatments work by paralyzing the muscles and preventing them from being stimulated or activated. The more you think about your wrinkles, the more you are activating them and strengthening them. This only deepens any fine lines and wrinkles you might have been worried about before and cause them to appear more prominently when the Botox treatments wear off.

Keep your mind off of your wrinkles, and stop obsessing over them. By keeping your face relaxed, the muscles will become weaker and weaker. The wrinkles and fine lines are less likely to reemerge even when the Botox treatments wear off. You might be able to get away with a less concentrated dosage at your next appointment.

Do Your Research and Find a Reputable Practitioner

Last but not least, finding a reputable and experienced practitioner can make all the difference needed. An experienced practitioner will know where to inject the Botox for optimal efficacy, and will be more precise than an inexperienced practitioner. In addition, how the Botox was reconstituted also plays a factor in its efficacy and effectiveness. A reputable practitioner is less likely to use a diluted form of the Botox, so you won't have to worry about quality.


Botox treatments can keep you looking young; however, you will require regular injections to keep up the results you want. With an experienced practitioner, you can easily weaken the offending muscles with Botox treatments. Make sure you are aware of the side effects before signing up by getting a thorough consultation.


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Beauty Tips For Looking Great And Feeling Good

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